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Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract M. Di Benedetto


NOTE Il giubileo di Sacrosanctum Concilium per una stagione feconda della scienza liturgica. Testimonianza e prospettive di ricerca Marco Di Benedetto Abstract Fifty years after the promulgation of Sacrosanctum Concilium a new [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract M. Metzger


NOTE L’apport liturgique des célébrations dominicales de la Parole Marcel Metzger Abstract The drawing-up of the rituals for the Sunday celebrations of the Word stimulates liturgical creativity, provoking the composition of blessings, praises [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract A.P. Yao


La vraie nature des prières dites apologétiques de l’Ordo Missae Alain Pierre Yao Abstract The liturgical movement initiated after Dom Lambert Beaudouin’s talk at the catholic apostolate congress of Malines in 1909 [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract N. Valli


La Veglia Pasquale nella liturgia ambrosiana (I): I riti lucernali Norberto Valli Abstract The contribution, first in a series illustrating in detail, in their historical development and their theological significance, the various [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract J.P. Rubio Sadia


El proceso de introducción del rito romano en Navarra. Nuevas aportaciones desde las fuentes litúrgicas Juan Pablo Rubio Sadia Abstract The process of implementation of the Roman rite in Navarra in the [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract K.W. Irwin


The Theological Keys of Sacrosanctum concilium. Reflections and Proposals Kevin W. Irwin Abstract The article is divided into five parts and a conclusion. The first three parts include an Introduction about introducing [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract W.D. Gregory


On the 50th Anniversary of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Wilton D. Gregory Abstract The liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council were the fruit many years of pioneering both in [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract J. Driscoll


Reviewing and Recovering Sacrosanctum concilium’s Theological Vision Jeremy Driscoll Abstract This study briefly indicates some of the key moments of the decadeslong liturgical movement that flowered in the promulgation of Sacrosanctum Concilium. [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract I. Scicolone


Paolo VI: “interprete” della riforma liturgica Ildebrando Scicolone Abstract In recent years certain voices opposing the liturgical reform have often been heard, and apportion blame and responsibility to Pope Paul VI, to [...]

Year XXX – 2013/2 Abstract E. Mazza


La partecipazione attiva alla liturgia. Dalla Mediator Dei alla Sacrosanctum concilium Enrico Mazza Abstract Mediator Dei et hominum is a text absolutely theological, even if considers and debates the possibility of some [...]